Who Is Your Real Estate Agent?

Who Is Your Real Estate Agent?

Mona-CohenBy Mona Cohen.

Have you seen the Home Depot commercial where the couple is landscaping their front yard on their own? Didn’t that look too easy? We live in an era where blogs, Youtube videos, commercials and articles are used as guides to help us build our projects on our own, in order to save time and money. However, the avenue we use to help us with our project is just that, a guide.  Although some Do It Yourself (DIY) projects can be easy, there are a number of reasons why certain projects should be left to the experts. Can you remember a time when your DIY project didn’t go as planned and you had to hire a professional to finish the job?

This same idea can be taken to Do it Yourself Real Estate. If you are contemplating on selling your home on your own, consider these significant values and expertise a realtor will bring to the transaction:


A real estate professional’s main objective is to price your home accurately. A home attracts the most excitement and interest when it is first placed on the market for sale. A competitively priced home will not only get the home sold in the least amount of time but also attract highest percentage of buyers.


Having your home listed on the internet does not necessarily mean you are getting the exposure it deserves. There are several factors involved in marketing your home and exposing the home to potential buyers: photography, staging, print advertising, efficient open house showings and even attracting international buyers. Not to mention the added value of the broker’s database and networking, to get your home even more exposure.

A skilled negotiator

In today’s market, having an expert negotiator from the beginning can save you time, money and prevent the risks involved in selling your home yourself. A real estate professional can pre-qualify potential buyers, review the contract, and speak on your behalf to the escrow officer, inspector and appraiser to make sure all the paperwork is handled properly.

When selling your home there are many factors involved: your time, effort, money, and legal aspects. If you are thinking of selling your home let’s talk about how I can save you money, time and give you peace of mind throughout the process.

Please give me a call at 310-466-6675, or email me at mona@monacohen.com with any questions or comments. 

Mona Cohen has brought her 10 plus years of experience as an Independent Broker to Rodeo Realty in Brentwood. Her knowledge of real estate ranges from probate court, to short sales, and of course the traditional standard sale. Mona specializes in luxury real estate from Bel Air to Brentwood and the Pacific Palisades. Raised in Brentwood, Mona’s favorite activity is going to the Brentwood Farmer’s Market on Sunday’s. One of Mona’s passions is growing and tending to the passionfruit trees in her backyard. Her philosophy in life, which she applies to her real estate practices is: Do the best. Be the Best. Being Second is not motivating!

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