The Venice Vixens Fitness & Beauty Tips

The Venice Vixens Fitness & Beauty Tips

A group of women brought together by their common spirit for riding motorcycles, they live and ride in Los Angeles, CA. Their professions, interests, and talents are just as varied as their fitness and beauty tips. 

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(left to right): Lindsay Bodanza, Lindsay Merkel, Liana Vitale, Tara Henry, Alyssa Hovey, Jamie Dempsey

Liana Vitale
Hairstylist/makeup artist/stylist
Fitness Tip: I run on the soft sand from Marina to Santa Monica. It sucks but it’s the best view – way better than meatheads at the gym. I also started working out with a personal trainer Toni DiVincenzo at a private gym in Venice and it has changed my body. I never ever saw results from working out till I went to Toni. She does kettle bells and drills and a yoga mix. She always changes it up!
Beauty Tip: I have so many beauty tips since this is my industry,  but I could not live without Pret a Powder from Bumble and Bumble. It’s a dry shampoo that’s volumizing. It helps out with my helmet hair. I really love Osmosis skin care and mineral makeup. I think when your skin feels clear you feel beautiful!

Lindsay Bodanza
Executive Producer of Gentleman Scholar
Fitness Tip: Sprint into the sky like your life depends on it. I usually try to imagine a wild animal or feral human chasing behind me.
Beauty Tip: Get adequate sleep. I make sure to get at least nine hours a night. It gives the glymphatic system a chance to clear out the day’s waste. The brain is your body’s control center, treat it like gold and you’ll look, think and feel your best.

Alyssa Hovey
Fitness Tip: Weight training. Not only does it contribute to a sexy shape, it also keeps our bones strong.
Beauty Tip: Eliminating gluten and dairy from your diet can help clear up skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Lindsay Merkle
Beats by Dr. Dre, Global Sales — Sports and Fashion
Fitness Tip: Crossfit! Yes I’m one of those crazies. It’s the worst at the beginning but after the initial punishment, it’s the best. All over cardio and strength building – pushing yourself to get a lot of work done on yourself in a short time. Added benefit: hot dudes, intense coaches and amazing mental toughness come with at Crossfit Santa Monica. Plus, they offer Kettle Bell and Yoga classes to supplement and feel powerful.
Beauty Tip: Drink WATER. Simple enough – but when you are busy during the day it’s tough to remember to drink enough to stay hydrated and clean out your body. Carry a giant 64oz bottle on the road, on planes, and at the office. Finish it by the end of the day, no matter how many times you have to visit the ladies! 🙂

Tara Miltenberger
Owner at Red Truck Juice Co.
Fitness Tip: 50 mins of cardio every day. Running keeps my legs strong and lean. On average, I run 5-7 miles down to the beach and along the world famous Venice Boardwalk. I also mix in a spinning class once or twice a week at Revolution Fitness in Santa Monica. Go to Chris Plourde’s 6am class. It will change your life. But, sign up early because his classes are sold out weeks in advance.
Beauty Tip: iS Cosmetics Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment is my life. It cleans and clears your skin from the inside out. In fact, anything from that skincare line is absolutely divine.

Jaime Dempsey
Currently riding around Malaysian Borneo hosting a travel documentary called Ride N Seek (season2!) for History Asia, and when I’m not doing that I’m a product developer for sexy swim wear at L*Space.
Fitness Tip: I prefer to stay on 2 wheels! Soul Cycle West Hollywood where they have me poppin’ and droppin’, keeping my adrenaline going and my ass in shape.
Beauty Tip: Sunscreen. With the amount of time we are out there riding in the California sun we don’t want our faces looking like saddle bags….

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