Glam Delivered | TheGlamApp

Glam Delivered | TheGlamApp

Celebrity stylist, Joey Maalouf and actress and fashion blogger Cara Santana have teamed up and created the TheGlamApp.

Do you sometimes find yourself too busy to make that hair appointment or too busy to wait for a manicure or pedicure before a dinner date, special event or that party you have just been invited to? There is now a solution. TheGlamApp is now your brand new beauty-on-demand resource. With the push of a button, TheGlamApp delivers beauty experts to your front door, offering services that range from a blow dry, to professional makeup applications, or just a simple polish change. With TheGlamApp there’s no need to leave your home, they bring the salon experience to your doorstep. Additionally, the app also acts as a virtual agency, allowing stylists to act as freelance artists; making their own hours, building clientele, and managing their schedules and appointments.

FOCUS TV host Nikki Joel  had the pleasure of sitting down with the Ms. Santana and here’s what the brunette beauty had to say:

“I’m an LA-based actress with a deep love for all things fashion and fabulous. I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas and moved to Los Angeles when I was 15 years old to pursue my first love and passion, which is acting. Along the way, I had an affair with beauty and fashion for which I haven’t been able to shake.

Have you always been interested in beauty?
I think as a woman, beauty is always intrinsic to our psyche, not in a vain way, but in an empowering way. I think when we look good, we feel good and in that respect I love beauty and think it’s important to always take care of ourselves.

I know you are an incredible actress, but how did you come up with this amazing idea of the TheGlamApp, and how did you become partnered with your stylist Joey Maalouf?
Joey is the hair and makeup expert to the stars and I am but one of many clients that he has. I was taking an Uber one day and it hit me, “oh my gosh”, Uber for hair, makeup and nails, we need to create that.”

I wanted to create something to simplify  life, but wondered if it was a legitimate idea from the industry’s point of view. I called Joey and wanted it to be validated by a trusted professional in the business of beauty. Joey loved the idea and said he wanted to make it even better than what was currently in the market today, so in addition to personal beauty, we have also come up with an agency for up and coming stylists as well.

Cara Santana and Joey MalooufIn doing my research, I realize that what really separates TheGlamApp from the current service offerings by others, is that you offer varied pricing depending on a stylist’s experience level.
This was something that was really important to us, and we wanted to create this luxury experience for everyone, even those on a budget.

So how does a person become a contractor for TheGlamApp?
If you are a licensed beauty or hair stylist, let us know how much experience you have and after background checks we put you on the sliding scale. It’s that simple.

What about tipping? How does that work?
Yes, you can add gratuity, but it’s at your discretion. We’ve arrange it so that cash is not exchanged and I think that adds to the simplicity of our services. The user creates an account and all the services are paid through the app.

With all this going on, I know acting is still important very important to you…
Yes, I am on the second season of Salem and I am so excited about the show. It’s on the WGN network, and I play the new love interest for the main character.

About the TheGlamApp:
Depending on where you live, a stylist comes to you within 60 minutes on average. The services are currently available in LA and  NY. Santana and Maalouf expect service to be available in most major U.S. markets by the end of 2016 and have made plans to branch out internationally in the company’s third year of operation to London and Paris among other cities.

Alessandra BrusAlessandra Brus
Alessandra is the managing editor of FOCUS Magazine (OC).  She was a fashion publicist before becoming a creative writer and expert in Orange County lifestyle. She is a lover of books, fashion, interior design and international travel. 


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