The Hunt Is On

The Hunt Is On

Social Media has changed the way we shop and find new items to lust over. It expands user’s knowledge of brands, both big and small, and what they offer to clientele. Someone in Jasper, Indiana can shop for the same thing as someone living in Los Angeles, California.

by Megan Horney

Scrolling through Instagram you notice a fashion blogger wearing the cutest dress or you see your favorite pinner posting about a new trend; many times these items aren’t tagged with the brand. This leaves users frustrated sending us into a frenzy of endless Google searches.

When I heard about “The Hunt” app, I thought it was exactly what we have all been waiting for. The app allows you to search for a new trend, upload an item you are looking for, and help other hunters find their treasure. The app has a search tool that gives you access to almost any e-commerce site worldwide, making the search even easier.

An important part of the app is that it’s allows you to add an ideal price for your hunt. We’ve all been in the situation where you find the most amazing pair of shoes, but they are way out of your budget. Now you can upload a picture of them to The Hunt and users can help you find a similar pair.

The Hunt isn’t just for clothing and accessories. As an Interior Designer, I love the fact that you can hunt for home decor items too. You can add an image of an accessory, like a pillow, to the search feed and it’s thrown into the feed where users help you source it. See ya later Google goggles, hello The Hunt.

The Hunt has over 2 million stylish users and is rapidly growing everyday. It really will change the way you shop. Download it today and get your happy hunting on.


Created 2011 by Tim Weingarten and Simon Peck.

What is it?
We noticed that the nature of how consumers discover the products, looks and trends they want to wear and buy is rapidly shifting from advertisements and in-store displays to user-generated photos – but it’s nearly impossible to get the look seen in photos on social media sites like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest – especially while staying in your budget. We wanted to create a service that catered to the increasing amount of mobile shoppers, while providing a place where our community could come together to style each other’s outfits, enabling our members to receive fashion advice while paying it forward by solving other’s shopping related quests.

Percentage rate of success?
The majority of Hunts get solved within one day of posting.

Most successfully found items?
Fashion and accessory items geared toward young women. One of the most interesting things about The Hunt is the ability to spot trends, sometimes even weeks before they hit the main stream social media outlets. Our user base is incredibly fashion forward. Last week, for example, there were over 4000 Hunts started for crop tops. We also see a lot of activity around events. Currently, we’re seeing a huge interest in spring events, like festival style for Coachella and other music festivals, and prom.

Craziest item requested?
We do see the occasional quirky Hunt. Someone started a Hunt asking for help solving their trigonometry homework, and the community helped them out! Occasionally we also see someone starting a Hunt of someone that they have a crush on, asking “Who is this?”

Most common type of item requested?
Women’s clothing and accessories as well as beauty related (hair and makeup) hunts.

Similar companies?
Yes, but they tend to focus on discovery and curation by trend-setters. The Hunt, on the other hand, solves a niche problem – where to find and buy something you’ve seen.  We’ve built a community that really enjoys helping each other, which is truly unique. The Hunt taps into existing passion for fashion, the camaraderie of community, and the enticement of an ongoing, fun, but achievable challenge.

New Features?
We have a lot of plans that we’re very excited to share. The first is focused on the core value of The Hunt. If you post a Hunt, we want to make sure that you not only get one really good answer, but that you have a few good options to choose from. We spend a lot of time thinking about the people who go out and find products for other people, and how we can improve their experience. We are also focused on personalization. When you come to The Hunt, your experience should look different than mine. We have a lot of great intent data about our users and can use that to make their online shopping experience better.

Megan HorneyAbout the author: Megan Horney is an Interior Designer and lover of fashion. @mrhdaily

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