Online Luxury Consignment | Sugars Gone

Online Luxury Consignment | Sugars Gone

Let’s face it, I LOVE TO SHOP!  Most women do. We do it on-line (desk-top, iPhone, iPad), in stores, malls, boutiques, through a catalogue….you name it, we shop it. We bring the clothes into the house in dry cleaner bags, wait until hubby is on the phone, take price tags off…whatever it takes and then say, “this old thing”?  I got it on sale. Hey, if I didn’t pay full price, I am saving money right? Bottom line, women love shopping and it’s more than a hobby for us. Shopping for some of us is a stress reliever. My mother always said, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission.

I used to walk down Melrose Avenue in Hollywood and peruse every vintage shop there was looking for that hidden gem, a Gucci bag or a Valentino dress. I was right out of college and couldn’t afford to shop at Dior, Prada or Gucci, so this was my only real option to find interesting, designer pieces. I would think to myself, somehow, somewhere I am going to find that amazing piece that nobody else will have. A beautiful dress or purse that someone bought, wore once and then never used it again. It will be elegant and unique and perhaps, have that element of “cool” that can’t be found just anywhere.

As a mother now, I don’t always have the time to drive all over town looking for luxury goods at a good price. The kids schedules, and the busyness of life keeps me in my office on my computer…writing. Although, I must admit I do sneak out to see what has recently hit the runways. I just saw a Derek Lam long suede coat and multi colored dress (sixties style) that I literally dreamt about for a week. I like to feel the fabrics, see the stitching, study the treatments on clothing whether it be Prada, Chanel, Dior, Gucci or Louis Vuitton.  I love it all. I remember watching Audrey Hepburn when I was 14 and thinking wow, she has great style.  Those designer trench coats and sexy LBD she wore – voila! Wouldn’t it be fabulous to find these items for at a discount without having to buy counterfeit goods. Who wants a fake Chanel bag?

Sugars GoneAn amazing woman based in Orange County, found a way.  Entrepreneur, Jennifer Bell is founder and CEO of a new luxury resale online site called SUGAR’S GONE.  She’s a real woman who had a great idea and has an altruistic heart. She, like many of us women, loves to shop. Circumstances changed in her life and she found herself with literally boxes and boxes of what we can call a savvy, designer wardrobe. She needed to sell some of her fabulous wardrobe, but in an uncomplicated way and so her idea of SUGAR’S GONE was born. What she does, is offer women a marketplace to shop luxury clothing, bags, shoes and accessories online.  SUGAR’S GONE only focuses on high quality goods that have been gently used at a deep discount compared to designer retail prices.  Some women buy items for an evening or they receive a designer clutch as a gift, use it once and then it’s never used again. SUGAR’S GONE has made it easier for the smart shopper to purchase these wardrobe essentials and easy for the consigner to sell them.  You can simply take photos from your iPhone, upload it to the site and authenticate it right there. As soon as the item has sold, SUGAR’S GONE will notify the seller of payment received and then you simply send the item off to the buyer via UPS.  It’s all been set up to make the transaction seamless for both buyer and seller.

With a beautifully crafted and easy to use website, the new luxury online consignment site is a fusion between, traditional and modern pieces with an eye for the highest quality offerings from the most coveted designer fashion houses.

Sugars Gone siteWhat sets SUGAR’S GONE apart from other online luxury resale sites? They are a believer in giving back by collaborating with charities such as, The Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, (, Women’s Domestic Abuse Hotline (, and Laura’s House, (

SUGAR’S GONE can be found at,

@sugarsgone on instagram and on Twitter.

Anytime we can support  a strong woman, living out her passion, we will!

Alessandra BrusAlessandra Brus

Alessandra is the managing editor of FOCUS Magazine (OC).  She was a fashion publicist before becoming a creative writer and expert in Orange County lifestyle. She is a lover of books, fashion, interior design and international travel. 


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