Starting A Home Yoga Practice

Starting A Home Yoga Practice

I HAVE BEEN PRACTICING YOGA FOR YEARS AND IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. Ugh, here we go, another yogi. Hold on. I know so many people who want to start, but don’t really know where, what or how to begin. They might feel intimidated to join a class because they have a fear of not being able to keep up, failing, being uncomfortable, or they may have an injury which they are nervous of making worse…the list goes on and on. I get it. But don’t get yourself overwhelmed before you even start!

Danielle dog picsby Danielle Cuccio

Believe it or not, when I started practicing yoga, I hated it! Isn’t that funny? If you told me 5 years ago, I would be a “Private Yoga Instructor” and owner of health brand, Cuccio Somatology, I’d laugh at you!

Here we are, 2014 and I am a successful yoga instructor. Not do I only love teaching yoga but I love my yoga practice almost as much as I love my dog (and that’s a lot!).

Yoga brings me peace on a day to day basis. Every time I make it to my mat, I feel safe and know that I am doing something so good for my body, mind and overall self. Just 30 minutes on my mat can be taken into the rest of my day bringing me peace, happiness and more joy. Just taking a few minutes to slow down and connect breath to movement can do wonders. Give it a try and see how you start to feel a change even within one day!

• Buy a mat
• Set aside 30 minutes a day where nobody will bother or interrupt you
• Start playing with poses.

Try these poses: Crescent, Warrior I, Warrior II, Warrior III, Triangle

Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose


Crescent Pose

Crescent Pose


These are the basics.

Start exploring on “YouTube” or google the names of the poses for a “how to”. For a small price, invest in a yoga DVD that you can get comfortable and familiar with.

I recently made a Home Yoga DVD for all levels, for those times you can’t make it to a class or if you don’t know where to begin.
We go over the basics but also take you into a flow that will get your heart rate going and give you a little cardio to get those endorphins going.

For more information, or to purchase the DVD, visit

I welcome you, and I am here for you on your journey to more health, happiness and peace through yoga.

Your body will thank you!


About the author: Danielle CuccioDanielle Cuccio offers private yoga sessions, customized to your individual needs.  Stay up to date with Danielle’s healthy tips & healthy Brentwood spots in our next issue!

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Yoga DVD being released January, 2014! More info. at  

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