Spring Forward By Reflecting Back

Spring Forward By Reflecting Back

To spring forward, we must first be willing to reflect back on the people, the places and the things that impacted us over the past year. Who challenged you? What devastated you? When and why? A willingness to answer those questions pushes you to preserve what’s positive and to dispose of the rest.

Spring cleaning should span from our closets to our confidantes to our recurring habits. Often times, it’s easiest to begin with something tangible, like closet clutter. A good rule to follow is to let go of anything you haven’t used or worn in the past year. Invite friends over to take whatever they’d like from your giveaway pile, and donate the rest. Make room for spring staples like white denim, floral prints, fringe and retro sunglasses. Choose to splurge on classic pieces, like a spring trench, strappy sandals and a lightweight tote. Refocusing your spending habits on pieces you can have over multiple seasons will make you feel less guilty about your purchases. You’ll find something as simple as a clean closet will make you feel unexpectedly empowered to create change in other areas of life.

Inevitably, those other areas are often tougher to tackle. Our work and relationships — even the negative parts — are much harder to part from. But just like the clothing we wear should make us feel confident, so should the people in our life. We deserve to feel pushed, motivated, reassured and safe. We deserve to be lifted, empowered, encouraged and understood. This requires us to look closely at where we’re dedicating our time. Let go of those individuals who brew negativity, who make you feel incapable, who rarely evoke optimism. Instead, make it a point to refocus your energy on those who awaken your mind and calm your anxieties.

The same should be applied at work. Our careers are a huge part of who we are, both at the office and at home. Unhappiness in our job leads to unnecessary stress in our personal endeavors. If you often find yourself frustrated over the direction of your career, make a change. Such a change doesn’t necessarily have to be as significant as switching jobs or changing paths altogether. Perhaps it begins with making a more subtle change, like having an honest discussion with your boss, creating a goals list, brainstorming future business ideas or developing a savings account so you’re someday able to really create the career you want. Every successful experience in life begins with a willingness to change.

Change is often tougher to tackle than we initially envision. Hurdle after hurdle will tempt us to take the more convenient route. Still, I hope you have the courage to begin. Because the longer you wait, the more fearful you’re becoming, and fear is life’s worst enemy — it stalls creativity and drains our senses.

Embrace spring’s ability to prompt new beginnings, and go after the journey you’re dreaming of.  Let flowering trees, blooming roses and brilliant bougainvillea remind you to design a life you’re passionate about.

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