In The Raw | Sophie Jaffe’s Philosophie

In The Raw | Sophie Jaffe’s Philosophie

I never imagined I would own a company like Philosophie. As with most of the truly wonderful things in life, it came about organically. I grew up in a family that helped me develop a strong appreciation for my body and health. For me, eating nutritious food made with fresh ingredients and whole foods and being physically active was a natural way of life. I loved exploring the tastes, smells, and textures of different fruits and vegetables and felt most energized when I spent time cheerleading, playing soccer, and dancing.

sophie jaffeIt wasn’t until I moved away to college that I realized that not everyone grows up with a focus on wellbeing and holistic health. I saw the ways that the people around me struggled with unhealthy relationships with food and their bodies. It made me even more grateful for the values that were instilled in me and I found myself gravitating towards communities that held the same reverence for their health that I began to develop a deeply grounding yoga practice and studied the beautiful art of creating delicious, raw, organic meals. I attained certifications to be a Raw Food Chef, personal trainer, and yoga instructor and began to share my love for nurturing the body and soul with others. After working with a company that created juice cleanses for a high profile clientele, I decided that I wanted to forge my own path and create something that would help people who were on a journey to heal, strengthen, and replenish their bodies.

So many of the cleanses that I had seen were excellent at eliminating toxins from the body, but often resulted in fatigue, hunger, and a quick burn-out. I knew the incredible importance of eating a wide variety of fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables and that truly balanced nutrition can only be achieved by eating whole foods, so I decided to create a new type of cleanse. I began to create smoothies and soups from combinations of the most delicious, nutrient-dense produce and developed a unique cleanse that was packed with fiber, protein, and healthy fats. I researched which foods across the world were most revered for their health benefits and learned about potently healing foods like spirulina, acai, and the reishi mushroom. Because each of these superfoods had the capacity to transform people’s bodies with powerful antioxidants and high concentrations of beneficial vitamins and minerals, they became staple ingredients in my cleanses. As I found myself repeatedly using the same combinations of superfoods in many of my cleanses,

philosophieI realized that mixing these ingredients together would make it easier to create optimally nutritious meals. I began to blend the purest organic, raw superfood powders together to form my Superfood + Protein Blends, each of which has uniquely nourishing properties. The Green Dream Blend detoxifies the body, the Cacao Magic Blend promotes healing and boosts energy, and the Berry Bliss Blend protects against disease.

Sophie Jaffe

  • Carl
    Posted at 00:17h, 11 January

    Truly inspirational lady and kind person! Great article!!!