It’s All In The Handshake

It’s All In The Handshake

Sarah Boyd is a natural connector and has been since she was five. Connecting people has always been her “thing”. This unique passion motivated her to create Simply Stylist four years ago. Simply Stylist is a platform for men and women looking to get into the fashion and beauty industry but who don’t quite know how, and who need that handshake to get their foot in the door. It’s all about making connections and get inspired.

Simply Stylist is a conference set up in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, with 400 – 700 attendees and amazing panelists from all ends of the fashion and beauty industry. These conferences are hosted by Catt Sadler from E! Television. The lineup of inspirational panelists include stylists, celebrity entrepreneurs, designers, makeup/hair stylists and more – all trend setters in their own right. The fashion and beauty industry is a tough field to get into unless you have a connection. These conferences help bring real connections for those aspiring to succeed. These selected panelists share their real stories, both successes, and failures. In addition, they invite brands to come in and meet these stars of tomorrow, providing them the opportunity to discover these brands.


Simply Stylist facilitates conferences in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, and monthly workshops called “Simply Stylist Sessions”. These sessions will gather 50 people in an intimate setting, with new topics each session and different influencers. Topics covered are: Public Speaking and Hosting, Blogging, Social Media, Creative Writing, and YouTube. Topics you can’t really go to school for, all in convenient “Cliffs Notes” versions in 3 hours. These in-person workshops provide real relationships and connections. People who come to the sessions make friends. Texting and online communication just can’t compete with these personalized real experiences. Simply Stylist has been partnering with The Grove for their monthly sessions.


Sarah knows fashion and beauty better than anyone. Sarah worked in fashion PR for 10 years, making all the relationships she brought to the table for these conferences. Sarah worked directly with stylists to get her client’s designs onto the biggest celebrities. “It’s always nice to have a steady paycheck but it’s ten times more rewarding to have your company and to be able to change lives. And having my team,” proudly smiles Sarah, “all of that is so much fun. If something is not working, then you can change it. It’s nice, but you have all the pressure, salaries, and etc.” Simply Stylist takes great pride in being self-funded.


Sarah absolutely loves the outpouring of bloggers and the fact that they are becoming celebrities in their own right. Celebrities are now a competition and these everyday girls are so relatable. Sarah takes her style tips from friends and colleagues, as she looks to her friends, not celebrities for style inspiration. Sarah also set up a sister company called Simply Digital Network a year ago, a company of celebrity bloggers, designed to help them build and monetize their blogs. They already have big clients including celebrities. Up and coming bloggers can come to the conference to learn what they need to learn.


Sarah is all about balancing work and life. “I am very focused and I have an amazing team I cannot live without. I promised my husband that I would leave at 6pm every day and I leave at 6pm or 6.30pm. I have two stepkids and we have dinner and family time every night. It’s so important to have this balance, otherwise, you burn out and I can’t burn out.”

Well said, Sarah.


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