Hulu to Dr Drew | TV Presenter and Host, Samantha Schacher

Hulu to Dr Drew | TV Presenter and Host, Samantha Schacher

Focus Magazine presents a day in the life of local TV host and entrepreneur Samantha Schacher. We go behind the scenes of Pop Trigger for Hulu and The Dr Drew On Call show on HLN. Along the way, we take a trip with Samantha to look over the line of  Wick{ed} pre-dripped candles that she and her husband created. 

What do you love most about hosting?
Other than the awesome people I get to work with, and interview…I love our viewers and interacting with them. Whether I am on Dr. Drew on Call, CNN, or Pop Trigger, I say it like it is, and keep it unfiltered, and I think our viewers respond to that. They may not agree with what I’m saying, (and that’s ok), but I believe they respect the fact that I am strong in my conviction, and I am all me.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to become a host?
STICK WITH IT: Find your niche, your passion, your brand and hone it. You will get a gazillion “No’s” at first, but just keep on trekkin’, and improving your craft. Those “Yes’s” will come, and when they do, you will be ready because you have worked hard and practiced endlessly. Lastly, and I know this is cliché, (and I also need to take my own advice), enjoy the journey, don’t just focus on the destination, because the journey is a long one, and there are lots of peaks and valleys. The key is learning to appreciate every pit fall, every milestone, and celebrating and learning from each one. And always, always, ALWAYS treat everyone the way you would like to be treated…with dignity and respect.

9am – Presenting Pop Trigger for Hulu

9am – Presenting Pop Trigger for Hulu

Sam Schacher

How did you and your husband start Wick[ed]?
Out of the sheer necessity to produce a specific candle we envisioned for our wedding day. We wanted an ethereal vibe at our wedding, and we hoped to have drippy candles all over the venue. Of course no venue would allow a drip candle, so we scoured the market looking for an all-wax pre-dripped pillar that burned down the center, and thus they would not create a mess. There wasn’t one, so we rolled up our sleeves and made them ourselves. Through much, much, much trial and error, and blood, sweat, and tears, the “Pre-Dripped” candle was born, in our kitchen. Ha! Fast forward, soon our passion project turned into a full fledged business, and you can now find our candles at Urban Outfitters USA, and Europe, as well as Kitsons, NastyGal, HD Buttercup, Fred Segal Vegas, Barney’s NY, and exclusive boutiques Worldwide. Locally in LA, you can purchase them at The Malibu Colony Co., Kat Von D’s Wonderland, Candledelirium, and Larchmont Beauty.

11am – Production Meeting at Candle Delirium, Hollywood

11am – Production Meeting at Candledelirium, Hollywood

Sam Schacher candle 1


4pm – Getting ready for Dr Drew on Call

4pm – Getting ready for Dr Drew on Call

Samantha Schacher and Dr Drew

6pm – Co-hosting Dr Drew On Call

Where are your go-to spots in Los Angeles?
The Gentle Barn. It’s is a farm full of rescued animals, and you get to feed them and love them; it warms your heart and soul. As far as food or fashion, I am obsessed with the matcha green tea bobas at Urth Caffe, and love everything and anything from Intermix. That place is dan-ger-ous!

We know you love animals and advocating for their rights, if you had a spirit animal which animal would you choose and why?
Who says I don’t have a spirit animal? 😉 I would hope my spirit animal would be a donkey. Ha! They can haul a ton of weight; are hard workers, and have the kindest eyes. I love that they are quiet most of the time, and unassuming, but when they do speak…boy do they have a unique voice.


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