Passion With A Purpose

Passion With A Purpose

Beauty gets your foot in the door, but what you have to say keeps you there. Twenty-three years of trials and tribulations have led me to discover my life’s purpose. Following my passion has not been easy, but I am now reaping the rewards of my efforts.

by Julia Ann Conley

Julia Ann Conley 2I am a model. The term “Model” can be perceived as many ways as there are people. I’m sure I fit many of those perceptions. My modeling agency, Wilhelmina, has a reputation for being one the most successful agencies in history. The exposure they bring places you in a role model position, creating a huge responsibility.

I began my career three years ago while I was studying business marketing. Becoming a model had always been a secret desire of mine, but my mother was not keen on the idea. It is only now that she sees how I am using modeling as a platform to facilitate the pursuit of my purpose.

Grace Kelly was a famous model who will always been remembered favorably due to her classy, composed lady-like behavior. Who are today’s role models? Miley Cyrus? Paris Hilton? These are the women who are influencing today’s young generation. Scary? I don’t think dressing in skimpy clothing, simulating sex on prime-time television and twerking are a solid basis for advancing a career. Simply being a party girl has no longevity – virtually anyone can do it.

My purpose is to show young woman how to be “ladies” without sacrificing their independence or appeal. It is the lost art. I want them to realize that imitating a Miley or a Paris makes them the ultimate followers. As we all know, trends eventually die and then new ones emerge. It’s a never-ending cycle.

With the help of my agency, I have been creating a video log on the Vlogma app. I post short videos on how to be a lady. The clips are entertaining and provide genuine advice.
My goal is to establish a movement led by considerate woman of high moral character. You don’t have to come from a high socio-economic background to be a lady; nor are you granted such a title based on wealth. You must earn it. A lady is guided by her integrity. All you need to be a lady is a commitment to follow your passion to your purpose. That is priceless.

Being a lady is timeless. A lady respects herself, her body, and others. Doors of opportunity will be opened for you because you are acting with class and integrity.

Lady Julia


About the Author: Julia Ann Conley is a professional model whose purpose is to show young woman how to be “ladies” without sacrificing their independence or appeal.

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