Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls

Jen MojoWhat began as a series of well-curated dinner parties has become a collaborative group of dynamic, make-it-happen, professional women – all unique but united in the desire to do business on their own terms and in a space tailor-made for female founders.

After making the transition from a corporate career to an entrepreneurial one, It became clear to Paper Dolls Founder, Jen Mojo that there were big opportunities and big gaps for women entrepreneurs, “1 in 11 women are entrepreneurs today. According to the Economic Census Bureau, 1,288 new businesses are being founded by women each day – and yet for all this reported growth, the availability of funding, access to mentorship and consideration of workplace design is limited.” It was the later that inspired her to open a co-working community for female founders in the heart of Brentwood, “I was listening to women tell me how isolating working from home had become. I was watching them carry their handbag “desk” around while trying to find a table at a coffee shop. Those that had tried co-working spaces reported feeling like they didn’t “fit”.” She felt the same and wanted to do something about it, “I was motivated to help these amazing entrepreneurs find a work home outside of home and I knew that it meant creating one” notes Mojo.

In January 2015, Paper Dolls opened its first co-working studio – a beautiful, inspiring place worthy of the professionals who come to work there. It’s a premium workspace surrounded by boutiques, culinary treasures and cutting edge fitness. Guests and members are enveloped by rich colors and textures. The walls alternate between bold artwork by local artists and luscious wallpapers. Each office is appointed to reflect the energy and inspiration that is needed to get work done, “we wanted to create a desk-sweet-desk experience that offered the practical efficiency and amenities these busy women needed in their work day.” Members vary in their industries and independent aspirations but share a common belief that women go farther when they go together. Mojo is quick to point out the impact of community, “Even more important than comfort and design is the community itself. Being an entrepreneur or freelancer can be lonely work at times, and it’s important to surround yourself with others who understand what you are going through, and who are there to support.”



paperdoll_conferenceIn addition to the studio environment, Paper Dolls offers workshops, topical events, curated content and personal introductions to a wider community of women who seek independence, flexibility and a way to stay connected. From full-time private offices to monthly member drop-in desks to virtual office options, the studio flexes to meet the needs of your business. Mojo welcomes founders, “ Join us and like Paper Dolls, connect and grow together.”

Paper Dolls
11677 San Vicente Blvd #208, Los Angeles, CA 90049

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