Nikki Knows | 5 Favorite Things

Nikki Knows | 5 Favorite Things

nikki-charlotte magicCharlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

My new favorite makeup artist is Charlotte Tilbury. She has a new magic cream, and all I had to hear was the word “magic” and I knew it was for me.

nikki-ysparkY S Park Brushes

For so long, I was beholden to doing a blowdry…I suck at doing my own hair. The brush is not cheap but it was worth the price, if you count the hundreds of times I have used it. You can debuff your hair and pull it salon straight. YSP brushes have a cult following and I am a proud member of that cult.


I recently became enamoured with cellphone case wallets. I discovered the designer, Meredith Mounce, and I was able to create a custom case with leopard fur and a bronze chain. I throw my phone, lipstick and money in this case and leave my designer purses at home.

Molly Sims bookMolly Sims

My friend Molly Sims co-wrote this book with Tracy O’Connor. She is such a girl’s girl and she tells you every one of her tricks. Every possible thing about looking and feeling your best is in this book.

nikki-freddyFreddy Jeans

I love denim – my closet has so many pair of jeans. And I just discovered Freddy Jeans that magically lift your butt and suck everything else in. Think Spanx for jeans, but super comfortable.

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