Never Too Late To Date

Never Too Late To Date

By Felicia Waldman

Using a smart phone, tablet or computer for the first time is a challenge some would rather not face.  LA resident Suzanne Brokaw decided she had waited long enough, and at 68 was finally ready to be a part of our high tech world that seemed to be at everyone’s fingertips but hers. Email, Google…Online dating?  Being in touch was easy and fun.

Suzanne BrokawWhy did you decide to get an iPad?
I wanted to get a little more connected to the technology world.  I have a basic phone and wanted to be able to do emails more easily to my friends and family. My daughter and a close friend told me the iPad was an amazing new invention, and it would make it easy for someone like me to access the internet.

Was it easy to learn how to use it?
Yes! I’m not that tech savvy and had no real experience with computers or smart phones and I found it to be very easy. I actually went to the Apple store for a couple of lessons but learned easily on my own, by trial and error.

What do you enjoy using it for?
I use my iPad for email and I “Google” a lot. I’m very much into finding out things about people, places, things and events in the world, things happening in the theater and shows…you know, I really love the “Googling” – to just write something in the box and it tells you the answer!

The iPad enabled you to discover online dating?
My daughter set up a JDate account for me without my knowledge! She set up a profile for me and even began communicating with some of the members on my behalf…she eventually told me and taught me how to do it myself. I was skeptical at first but once I got the hang of it I gave it a try… In the beginning I had many dates, some better than others of course! Some looked nothing like their photos, one lived in Newport Beach and came all the way to LA for our date, sweet man but not for me. There was a dentist, and a man who said he was separated but was still married! it was a lot of effort and when I think about it I’m out of breath! The good news is, it works.

Are you now a fan of online dating?
Yeah! It’s fabulous! Take advantage! You know people will always say “Oh there are no good men, or there are no good women on there”.  It’s like if you went out shopping, and I said here, pick out three things. You have a selection of millions of people. C’mon, I think its fantastic. Anyone that gives you that bunk, “I don’t do electronic dating”, good for them.  Go into a bar, get introduced by a friend once a year. You have to be aggressive, and be proactive, and take charge of your own life.  But now at this time in my life, no.  It’s the only way to go… and even for younger people too!  The good news is, it works.  My last date was two years ago.  I met a wonderful man on JDate and we are still together…. and for now both of our accounts are closed!

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