A Natural Diet For Dogs

A Natural Diet For Dogs


Lindsay Gores

Tell us about yourself Lindsay
I am an LA native, born and raised – a true Valley girl at heart. I am family oriented. I am an animal lover and I am a foodie.

I spent the first 10 years of my working career in the entertainment industry. I was a Makeup Artist for ABC’s Desperate Housewives. After the on set experience, I made a shift to the business side of entertainment. First in the A&R department at Warner Brothers Records, then in the Business Affairs department at Lionsgate Entertainment, and finally, I worked at Paradigm in the Marketing department. Today, I am the proud creator and founder of Pure Dog Food. I love what I do and couldn’t be more excited to be giving dogs a healthier way to live.

What prompted you to create PURE Dog Food?
Zoey was hit by a car and suffered from 8 pelvic fractures and possible neurological damage to the left side of her brain. Days went by as Zoey was carefully monitored at the ER and the brain swelling eventually went down, making her a candidate for surgery to repair her broken pelvis.

It was during this time that I realized how much our little friends rely on their owners to take care of their every need. Nursing Zoey back to health was a job in itself.  She would only eat chicken which was shredded and hand fed to her. After two weeks of Zoey’s shredded chicken, hand fed diet, a friend suggested I put Zoey on a homemade diet. Being a natural caretaker and pet lover, this seemed like a great plan. Once Zoey started eating the homemade dog food, she would eat each meal in full, all on her own. It was incredible. Zoey has now made a full recovery and still LOVES her homemade diet.

The food is all prepared by hand, using all natural and organic human grade ingredients.

The food is all prepared by hand, using all natural and organic human grade ingredients.

What differentiates your product from other organic dog foods?
I take pride in the overall aesthetic of PURE Dog Food. The look.  The feel.  Most importantly the smell!  We don’t use any animal organs in our food.

All of our food is produced in a commercial kitchen in Los Angeles. Our kitchen staff are certified food handlers and our kitchen is regulated by the health department. The food is cooked low and slow, and each batch is mixed by hand. Our ingredients are purchased weekly, from places we get our own groceries. If it’s something we wouldn’t eat, then neither will your dog! Preservatives, fillers and dyes are the culprit of most unknown pet allergies.  You could spend countless dollars at the vet trying to figure out why your dog scratches all day and night, or why your dog is chewing their paws. Antihistamines and medication can be expensive as well. It’s a tedious routine for most dog owners. What the vets don’t tell you is that the dry bag of dog food, or the can that sits on the shelf at the pet store for months on end, contains ingredients contributing to these ailments. If you compare the reason humans eat real foods vs processed foods… it works the same way for our pets. A diet of soda and fast food would probably leave you lethargic, inflamed and unenthusiastic about your next meal.

How do people buy your products and what is the cost?
Currently, PURE Dog Food is a delivery service when orders are placed online.  You can also buy our food at local farmers markets in the Los Angeles area which are listed on the home page of our website www.puredogfood.com (Sundays at Brentwood on Gretna Green Way and West Hollywood on Melrose Place).  Our food comes in 2 sizes and pricing ranges from $6 to $13. Treats are approximately $4. Depending on the weight of your dog, our food can cost as little as $2 per day.

Pet lovers often are hesitant about changing foods. How should one approach offering your product as an alternative?
I usually recommend going slow and having an open mind. I will say that it’s not for everyone and that’s ok. You can’t force someone or push them to change their dog’s diet. It takes patience and time in the beginning because every dog reacts differently to a new diet. The owner also has to understand and appreciate the benefits of a natural diet. The end result, (usually 10 days), is phenomenal. The 30 day mark is even better.

chicken_product2chicken_product1What are the best sellers?
Dog owners are on a grain-free kick these days.  Our Quinoa Clean Chicken and Proactive Beef and Pumpkin are both grain free and dogs LOVE those two flavors. Our Turkey Tried and True is a  perfect starter formula. It’s light and easy to digest – great for transitioning from ordinary dog food to a natural diet. As far as the treats go, The Chicken ‘N Parsley Bites are most dogs favorite. Most of my customers have to hide them in a cupboard up high because their dogs will jump on the counter to try to grab them. Those are also grain-free.


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