Mr Universe | Calum von Moger

Mr Universe | Calum von Moger

As the current Mr. Universe title holder, Calum von Moger hit the world stage upon winning the title in June of 2014. Calum hails from Australia, is 24 years old, and is being touted as the next Arnold. With a goal to build his physique in the style of the greats from the 60’s and 70’s, Calum is charting his own path and is quickly becoming an international fan favorite in the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

As you may guess, choosing apparel for Calum is not a simple task. He is 6’2”, weighs 245 pounds, his bicep measures 20 inches, and his thigh measures in at 26 inches. Yet, Calum loves fashion and is always on the look out for just the perfect apparel line that will fit his superman sized body. Calum’s daily attire is typically fitness apparel, however often you will see Calum out in a french cuff shirt with Versace cuff links or his custom designed blazer with Mr. Universe stitched under the collar. Calum has already been the cover model for several fitness magazines. Having the ultimate dream physique and looks that will make you blush, the fashion industry is calling!

In the fall of 2014, Calum moved to Los Angeles to pursue various business prospects and expand his ever growing global brand. He is staying busy training to defend his title this upcoming June at the Mr. Universe competition in Marseille, France. You may catch him training down at Muscle Beach in Venice or at one of the gyms on the West side.

Los Angeles is the place where dreams come true, and Calum is taking it all in just as fast as he can. Not only does Calum spend time at the beach or hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, Calum is studying acting and ideally would love to play a role that features action heroes, Vikings and big battle scenes. With a sincere charisma and natural swagger that intoxicates, Calum is pure gold! He criss-crosses between the entertainment and fitness industries flawlessly and creates a buzz anywhere he goes.

Calum has developed one of the fastest growing apps in the fitness industry –Calum von Moger Fitness – and he is working as a brand ambassador for several corporate campaigns. He regularly makes appearances at fitness events around the world and is invited to speak to young people about health and fitness while encouraging them to dream big, work hard, stay disciplined.

Growing up on a small hobby farm outside of Melbourne, Australia, Calum’s family grew most of the foods they ate. This undoubtedly helped build his physique into what we see today. He continues to eat clean and realizes this is what helps him keep the edge. Occasionally, you will see Calum with a pizza or burger, but with a fast metabolism and maintaining a 3500-5000 calorie per day diet, he can afford a treat now and then.

Calum often shares his golden rule about training and fitness. He is quoted saying “Above all, if you want to stand out you have to put in the hard yards. Don’t be afraid to push yourself beyond your physical limits, don’t be afraid to fail as long as you’re willing to get back up and have another go. Challenge yourself mentally as much as you do physically. Your mind will always give up before your muscles. Tell yourself when you’ve had enough, that you’re not finished yet! Never worry about what anyone else is doing, focus on yourself and your goals. Lastly, whatever you do, do it with CONFIDENCE. Be happy, be positive and smile”.

Be on the look out for this rising star!

Calum von Moger and Arnold SchwarzneggerCALUM’S TRAINING TIPS

• Consistency is key – schedule your trainings and make them a priority.
• Set goals, write them down, keep them in front of you every day.
• Always push until muscle fatigue, that is where you start to see the results.
• When training be sure to always stretch, keep good form, use full range of motion.
• It’s best to start with compound exercises – exercises which target multiple areas of the body at the same time, rather than just isolating one zone.
• Barbell curls are a great exercise to start an arms workout – you have to employ coordination and balance. It helps you develop your core and overall strength.
• To build a stellar back, it’s essential that you flex and squeeze each muscle at the peak of every rep. Isometric exercise – like flexing a muscle for a count of 5 before releasing – helps activate and fatigue the muscle. That builds mass and definition.
• Always finish your training strong.

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