Hot Mama Molly Sims Shares Her Fit Tips

Hot Mama Molly Sims Shares Her Fit Tips

Molly Sims is a total babe. Always has been, always will be.

The hot mom still looks just as smokin’ as she did when she first graced the glossy pages of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue 14 years ago. That’s probably because unlike other models, she really cares about her health (not just about being skinny).

by Whitney English

Sims, who has a 5-year-old son named Brooks, blogs about her lifestyle and offers advice to other moms on topics like pre-pregnancy health, keeping your home eco-friendly and safe, and nutritious meals for the whole family.

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What’s even cooler about this gorgeous gal? Sims has a huge heart and spends a lot of her time helping moms in need through the charity Baby2Baby.

I had the chance to catch up with her recently at a pre-Mother’s Day event for the cause. Sims spent the afternoon helping children paint canvases for their moms that the super cute stationery company, Tiny Prints, would later turn into cards.

After she was done helping out, she filled me in on all of her tips to staying happy and healthy.

Baby2Baby Mother's Day Party Presented By Tiny PrintsAs it turns out, Sims is currently trying for baby number two!

Her first tip for hopeful mommies: don’t over-exercise.
“You need to keep your body strong,” says Sims. “Don’t deplete so much. I recommend taking supplements like Vitamin D and CoQ10.” She actually recommends a moderate exercise regimen for all women and says that switching things up is another way she keeps her bod happy.

“I love Spin. I love SoulCycle. I love Tracy Anderson,” says Sims. “I love not doing the same thing everyday. I think for my body, because I do have so much muscle, the same thing isn’t good. So I dance, or I hike, or I do Pilates, or Hot Yoga, that’s the best thing I can do. I also feel like if I over-exercise, I eat more. So I have to think about that as well.”

While over-exercising may be a problem for some women, I think most of us feel guilty that we’re not getting to the gym enough! Sims admits that she too slacks off at times and says that scheduling it in is the best way to stay on track.

“Fitting it in is the hardest thing,” says Sims. “Honestly, what you have to do is make lists, keep calendars, schedule it in, just like you’re going to the dentist. The first 15 minutes you don’t want to, but the last 30 you’re like, ‘OK, I’m in it. I’m doing it.’ And it feels so good when you’re done.”

When it comes to her diet, Molly has a pretty loose approach as well. She says she tries to eat nutritious meals, but she doesn’t impose any dietary restrictions.

“I pretty much eat everything,” she told me. “I think when you say, ‘I’m on a diet,’ that’s what messes you up. You think, ‘I want that chocolate.’ I usually eat high protein meals, and more vegetables now. I definitely can’t be vegan, because I get too tired. I’m O Negative, so I really crave protein.”

When she’s on-the-go, Sims sticks to easy, portable snacks that both she and Brooks can enjoy. Her favorites?
“Almonds, but not too many. My little Babybel cheeses are a staple. Healthy popcorn or graham crackers.”

For Mother’s Day though, she’ll be getting a break in the kitchen.
“My husband will probably be cooking some kind of chicken and steak,” said Sims. “He can cook. He’s not great, but he’s decent.”

Ouch! I’m guessing the big time Hollywood producer makes up for his mediocre culinary skills in other ways. And, as Molly told me, she thinks one of the most important things in life is embracing our individuality.

When asked the best advice she received from her mother, Sims said:
“Dare to be different. Don’t look like everyone else. Don’t do what everyone is doing. [My mom] was all for education, and so was my dad, but they were also like, ‘Do whatever you want to do, be whatever you want to be.’ That really gave me confidence from a very early age.”

Screenshot-2014-05-08-10.09.51It shows.

Whitney EnglishFrom an original post by Whitney English on 9 May 2014

About the author: A Hollywood reporter, Whitney English has worked at E! Entertainment, MSN and Whitney co-hosts the Google+ cooking show The Fit & Funny Foodies for Fit Approach.


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