Travel and Food | Miss Jetsetter, Nicole Isaacs

Travel and Food | Miss Jetsetter, Nicole Isaacs

Inspired by her worldwide travels, Nicole launched her food and travel blog, Miss Jetsetter, to share her most candid experiences encountered during her expansive and exotic travels.

Miss Jetsetter highlights Nicole’s travel adventures and features the best restaurants–from upscale fine dining to legendary hole-in-the-wall eateries. She has a World Arts & Cultures degree from UCLA, where she studied different cultures, encouraging her to embrace them first hand through her travels.

From 2005-2007, Nicole was in girl band, Soccx. The group toured Europe, released an album, and had two Top 10 singles in Germany.

Since 2011, Nicole has worked producing on E!’s hit television show “Fashion Police”, while using her spare time to do what she does best- eat and travel around the world.

Check out Miss Jetsetter’s most recent travel adventures through London, the Dominican Republic and the Philippines!

Miss jetsetter2Nicole: I grew up in Calabasas so I am a Valley girl and I went to UCLA, where I was a World Arts and Culture major, with a dance  emphasis. In my last semester, I was interning at E! entertainment and I ended up getting a job there after I graduated. I worked my way up to field producer on Fashion Police.

Nikki: In addition to an interest in food and travel, you were in a band?
I was a dancer and my agent had booked a job for a girl band. I had to pack up my things and move to Germany for 2 weeks. We ended up travelling throughout Europe for 2 years, had 2 hit singles. Then they wanted to remake the Spice Girls and I left the group. I finished up at UCLA and got my job at E!.

I have a really big family in Israel so we did a lot of traveling when I was younger, and I was excited to experience new worlds. I have always been fascinated with different cultures.

How did the blog start?
It started with my obsession with food and it has now evolved into a travel and food blog. It follows me through all my jetsetter adventures. I research all the best places to eat in the cities – but I make it more personal and relatable. I take a lot of my own pictures and many are posted to my Instagram.

What made you curious about food?
I have been obsessed with food all my life and it all just tastes good to me, no matter how exotic. The only thing I don’t eat is sour cream!

Do you watch a lot of cooking shows?
I can sit for days to watch Anthony Bourdain, He is my idol. If I can meet anyone in the world, I would want to meet him.

If you were to have one last meal, what would it be?
A burger…the best burger in LA is at Flemings steak house during happy hour. There’s also Umami, Fathers Office and Plan Check bar.

Nikki: What are some of your jet setting fashion tipsKeep it basic, I don’t like having too much stuff. Being a girl, I do want options – so I make sure to pack basic outfits for the bottom, and then change up the top and accessories.

For my ultimate dream job I would be the next Anthony Bourdain, and have my own travel and food show.

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