Food, Diplomacy and A New Season of ‘Suits’ | Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle

Food, Diplomacy and A New Season of ‘Suits’ | Meghan Markle

How did you become involved in acting?

I grew up in LA and my dad was the lighting director for a show called “Married with Children” – so every day after school I would go to set, and I think that’s where my comfort level in that environment began. I didn’t intend to be an actress – I went to Northwestern University as an English major but quickly changed to a double major in Theater and International Relations. It really wasn’t until after working for the US Embassy abroad and coming home for the holiday that a friend from college gave a manager a student film I did – he watched it and called me, telling me he thought I should stay home and give acting a shot. I did, and I was so grateful.

meghan SuitsCongratulations on starting the 4th season of Suits. Tell us about your evolving role.

We are currently filming season 4 of Suits, though we were just picked up for season 5 which will begin airing next June (after the back half of season 4 airs in February 2015). Rachel is such a great character to play because she started off rather stand-offish and mostly anchored to this cat and mouse game with her love interest, Mike Ross. As the seasons have evolved, Rachel has really grown – showing her vulnerability, her layers of intelligence and drive in trying to become a lawyer, and the softness we see in her with her family. Her life outside of the firm is as interesting to me as her role in the office. Gabriel is currently making his directorial debut on this episode, so we are all having so much fun.

You’re noted as being interested in international diplomacy. The world needs diplomats, now more than ever. What’s your interest in mediation?

I majored in International Relations and worked for the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. I am now working closely with UN Women on their gender equality campaign, He for She, and am very proud to stay actively involved not just in politics but in social issues that I think need more attention.

Meghan_MarkleWhat are you passions, and how do you relax in-between filming?

I absolutely love to cook and to try new restaurants – I was just writing about it on The TIG the other day that I will always be a better cook than baker because the technicalities and exactness of baking is not part of my DNA. I have included a couple links to recipes I made and shared on The TIG, which should give a good sense of what I like to dig in to. When I have a bit more time off, I am generally on a plane chasing a life of wanderlust. Travel is one of the most important things in my life.

Which are you favorite foods and restaurants?

I love clean fresh ingredients with bright flavors – so the whole fish (in whatever iteration) Suzanne Goin makes it is usually right up my alley – be it flecked with pomegranate seeds or bursting with citrus. Growing up in LA, I was so lucky to try endless flavor profiles and go with my parents to Thai Town for amazing mee krob or chicken satay, and then to Little Tokyo for sushi and the Westside for amazing ghormeh sabzi. But with all of that said, nothing does it for me like a taco. Good god, what are they so good??

You recently did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. How did that come about?

Rory McIlroy and I are friends and when he nominated me I told him I couldn’t do the challenge because I was traveling and in NY. He let me know he was also in NY and that he could do the video with me – we had a blast and shot it on the roof of my best friend’s apartment. It is so important to raise awareness for ALS,

and the buzz our video generated hopefully helped make that happen.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope to be doing Suits for a few more seasons, to continue to grow The TIG as it is my passion project and I do the writing and bulk of the photography, and to do some more film roles in my hiatus – we get four months off between scenes so I am looking to sink my teeth into a juicy role that’s very different from the character I play on Suits.

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