Home & Family | Mark Steines On Learning, Doing Good and Being a Father

Mark Steines

Home & Family | Mark Steines On Learning, Doing Good and Being a Father

Mark Steines left Entertainment Tonight in 2012, and these days he co-hosts the Hallmark Channel’s, Home & Family. It’s a good-natured daily show that takes in all aspects of lifestyle. The set is a traditional house built on the Universal studio lot, complete with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and a pumpkin garden.

“It’s a different direction from what I was doing at Entertainment Tonight. A lot of that was escapist television. Here, we are dealing with what families have to deal with every day. This for me has been like going back to college. Except, I’m getting a Masters degree in living. I’m learning how to be a better father, cook, gardener and interior decorator. If I get married again, I will have a better relationship. Coming here I learn so much – and then I go home and share it with my kids.”

Mark Steines 2

Mark Steines garden

Mark Steines carseatFather of two boys, Steines tries to make their upbringing different from the way he grew up.

“I try to give my kids a reason for doing things when they ask ‘why’, instead of just saying ‘because I said so.’ I want them to be prepared for when I’m not around – to learn to cook and fold clothes.”

Less known from his TV career, is that Mark Steines is also an accomplished photographer. He travelled to Sierra Leone and took 10,000 photos in 10 days. He documented his journey in a book, See The Light: A Passage to Sierra Leone.

“My theory is to donate your time in whatever passion you have, to bless others.”

Mark Steines studio

Mark Steines studio3Mark Steines, 50, was born in Iowa and graduated with a degree in Radio and Television from University of Northern Iowa. He is a 3 times Emmy winner for news broadcasting and was voted sexiest man of 2004. He loves racing and he competed four times at the pro-celebrity Long Beach Grand Prix.

The story goes that in 1988 just after Top Gun came out, he was in New Orleans and someone mistook him for Tom Cruise. You can see why. Entertainment Tonight got wind of Tom Cruise making a movie in New Orleans and rushed a crew down there. When they realized their error, they decided to stay anyway and do a profile on Steines. He says, within a week he had 3 job offers.

We’re not sure if it works in reverse but you get the impression that after 2 decades, Steines has made his mark in the entertainment industry.

His simpler mission as single parent now, is to be a good father and to raise his sons to be independent thinkers.



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