A Girlie Girl | Fashion Designer, Lindsay Morse

A Girlie Girl | Fashion Designer, Lindsay Morse


This has always been a balancing act for me. If it were up to me, I would be in full makeup and heels, just to go get the mail. From the time I was little, I’ve been told I was a “glamour girl”. I love being a woman, and I love to embrace it. Both of my grandmothers were huge influences on me. It all started when I was about 5 years old, and my grandmother took me to New York City and introduced me to Broadway. I remember it like it was yesterday. She took me to see “Starlight Express”. When I look back on it now, it was probably pretty hokey but I LOVED it. Something clicked in me that night. I knew I was here for something greater. There’s always been a part of me that loves the spotlight, loves the attention. I started out in acting and modeling but I found myself more interested in watching the stylist fit the actors for different parts. I would bring fashion magazines along with my scripts and in between takes I would read magazines instead of my lines. I never could get enough. As time went on I decided to take classes at F.I.T. and then got jobs working for major fashion designers. The rest was history. You see, for me…a lot of my inspiration for fashion is rooted from the whole “Hollywood” world. Launching my own collection has been completely surreal for me. It doesn’t seem real sometimes. There’s so much I want to do. I constantly have to remind myself to  “stay on track”. I want to give women/girls power and confidence. Clothes are not just aesthetically pleasing but so much more. I want to give people affordable pieces with a story behind it. I want people to understand the brand and my story. I think when you understand what you’re wearing, you wear it with more confidence – and confidence is what I want my line to exude.


The best things in life are dreams but they don’t happen unless you actually follow them. You really have to take the first step and the other foot will follow. Ambition was a trait I was born with. I love exceeding other’s expectations and making a commitment of excellence. Today’s ambitious women are blazing a new path, and they love to help each other out. You have to follow yours dreams or else what are we here for.


I have a great appreciation for classic, timeless pieces that last forever. I also understand the trend. I love things that are “right now”. I think if you can find a way to have both, you will have a well-rounded collection. I get my inspiration through people, whether it’s people walking the streets in Manhattan or the locals in a small town in Mexico. I love to travel and see the clothes from different cultures. I enjoy watching how fabric can move or shine and the confidence it brings out in a woman. For this collection, California has been a huge influence. For instance, the dramatic setting of the Beverly Hills Hotel is Old Hollywood glamour.  With its palm tree wallpaper and soft pink entrance with gold embellishments. I envision sipping cocktails poolside with a sexy, yet chic, kaftan and heels. California is also known for its beautiful sunsets. Picture sitting on Malibu Beach, with an adventurous, yet relaxed feel, of the warm ocean air. The free-spirited, whimsical nature reflects a lot in this collection. I also can’t leave out the California desert oasis. There’s something very peaceful and calming about it for me. The desert clears my head… almost dries it out. There’s so much inspiration from its vast landscape and dusty warm air. I love the extreme climate, and the beauty that comes with it.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 8.28.00 AMThis collection provides fashion-forward looks for the everyday woman. The designs embody unconventional color combinations, prints, flattering cuts and unique embellishments. I want my line to be accessible and fun. I want women to feel stylish, confident and feminine when wearing my garments. I have taken a girlish style and transformed it into everyday clothing that woman everywhere can appreciate. Wear it at the office, school or just for fun. My collection fits any lifestyle. From long, show stopping dresses to beachy kaftans. Both women and teens can enjoy my fashion-forward clothing line. If you are looking for something for work, my “Julian” romper is perfect. This chic yet sophisticated piece features a beaded neckline, mid-length sleeves and pull-tie waist – it’s great for all shapes and sizes. I also offer items for more formal occasions, like the “Laura” dress. Its elegantly crafted V-neck and russied chiffon mid section is sure to be a showstopper. My “Hayden” shorts are perfect for walking around campus. The relaxed, yet flattering fit, and ruffle bottom trim are too cute. I’m also a huge fan of sundresses! I love their flirty femininity. One of my favorites is the “Cheri” dress in fun, vibrant prints and colors. I feel I have a good gauge on what women want – to feel comfortable, on trend and of course sexy. That’s what this collection embodies and I hope to show the love and adventure that has gone into creating it. I truly feel blessed as well as excited to share with you my true passion!


I find motivation in health and fitness. Working out keeps me sane. I love to dance, probably because of its aesthetic beauty. It also changed my body. Right now, I am taking an amazing class in New York with Nicole Winhoffer. She created workouts with Madonna. She’s seriously tough but I love how she keeps me challenged. When I am in LA, I love to take a class called ‘Piloxing’. It’s a cross between boxing, pilates and dance. I am completely soaked after one of Viveca’s classes. If you aren’t in any of these locations, I would suggest going to a local dance studio to find out if they have any adult dance programs. It will change your outlook on working out.

Food is a grey area for me. I grew up around amazing food and a fantastic cook, (my mom), and that started my obsession with food. I’m not a bad eater – I don’t eat McDonald’s for instance, but I just love food. Right now, I’m trying to be on portion control. It’s really incredible how much food we eat which we don’t need. Food will always be a work in progress with me because I actually enjoy it, and I love tasting new foods. I think it’s everything in moderation. My mother always told me when it comes to your life, never let yourself go too far out of the box, and you’ll be fine.


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