KTTV Fox 11 News Host Lauren Sivan

KTTV Fox 11 News Host Lauren Sivan

You may recognize Lauren Sivan from the Los Angeles morning show, Good Day LA, or the irreverent late night chat show Red Eye on Fox News Channel. Maybe you’ve heard her on Talk Radio 790 on KABC, or you follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

Starting this February, you can catch her on KTTV at 5pm, co-hosting Studio 11 LA with Bob Decastro.

“It’s happy hour! It’s perfect,” says the reporter, anchor and sometimes weather girl at Fox 11 LA. “We are trying to bridge that gap between TMZ shows in the evening. We are the DMZ between TMZs, if you will.”

Lauren Sivan got her start in news at age 19 while still in college at the George Washington University. She studied journalism and political science, and in her freshman year, the Fox News Channel was just starting up. She got a job as a “go-for” delivering research materials to panelists.

“I crashed the news van on my very first day. Figured that was the end of my news career. But thankfully, my bosses were forgiving and had insurance.”

Lauren Sivan Fox 11From there she worked her way up, and after graduation, moved back to her hometown of New York, working as a producer on Fox’s morning show Fox & Friends.

“I’ve always loved mornings. I loved the idea of being part of the first thing people see when they wake up before their day is ruined. (Ha!)

The best compliment I ever get is ‘I was late to work because I wanted to hear what you would say next.’ THAT’S huge and THAT makes me realize we can make the news MUST SEE.”

That’s why she’s currently creating a digital web panel show with a group of like-minded news junkies including producer Danny Rose (Cougar Town, Scorpion.)  “We hope to offer a fun, informative, wacky breakdown of the stories of the day, to an audience that isn’t otherwise watching any news.”

We caught up with Lauren while she was working at KABC Radio, co-hosting with her “fair-minded” legal pal, Leo Tyrell.

“Radio is a lot different from TV. You can’t have your expression convey the tone of a story or give your co-host side-eye. No one sees it. Everything has to be verbalized. It’s a new skill and I’m still learning. But talk radio is what the big news networks are trying to emulate on TV. People want to hear opinions. They want to know where you stand, and then tell you why you’re wrong. Because let’s face it – you can get your headlines anywhere, especially with the explosion of social media. So let’s change it up, make it a little less formulaic, a little more relate-able and maybe even entertaining.

I think the Daily Show does this brilliantly, as well as shows like Bill Maher, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Red Eye on Fox News Channel. While I don’t think everyone who works news should try to be a comedian, I think there’s room for some fun alongside the serious stuff. I think we should be able to call BS when we see it, and that people will respect us more when we do.

No one is following me on Twitter for my breaking news updates. They follow to find out what I REALLY think about the stories I cover, what REALLY went on off camera and occasionally some snarky celebrity-driven comments ( I live in LA after all.) Now I’m going to try to bring the same recklessness to every platform!.”

Lauren Sivan is on Studio 11 LA at 5pm on KTTV.

Twitter @LaurenSivan
Instagram @IdiotSivan.

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