Focus Events | A Night To Inspire

Focus Events | A Night To Inspire

Women of the Agency are hosting the Women Like Us Foundation at this private event to create awareness of their work in support of womens charitable leadership and mentoring teen girls. Specifically, this fabulous party is a fundraiser for the upcoming documentary film. Drinks and h’ordeuvres to be served.

Women Like Us

Three Journeys.  One Mission.  To Change the World.

…a film documentary shot in Kenya, California, Indiana, Chicago and Florida.

Women Inspire

A Documentary Film Premiering Fall 2015.

 Inspired by Linda Rendlemans book Women Like Us: Illuminating the World, the documentary  introduces three women who are striving to make a difference in the world through support of womens charitable leadership. Traveling with film producer Sally Colon-Petree, celebrity television host Catt Sadler and activist and author Linda Rendleman, the film reflects their personal journeys of inspiration and motivation in addition to pivotal and compelling conversations with women advocates such as Ida Odinga, former First Lady of Kenya; Caroline Burnett of the Dream Center in Los Angeles; CNN Hero Robin Emmons; teen advocate Deb Myers and more. Music provided by Moby.

 This documentary calls for all women to take action in creating change in the world using their innate skills of compassion, communication and collaboration while working together as one to be a catalyst for a better quality of life for all humanity.  Their stories are singular…their passions are shared.

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