Cindy Williams | Haven & Co.

Cindy Williams | Haven & Co.

Owner, Cindy Williams, guides us through the  magical, sensory overload that makes Haven & Co. the happiest place on Earth.

What was your inspiration for opening the store and what’s the significance of the name?
Funny you ask about the name, it’s an old family name from my husband’s side. They owned one of the largest silk mills on the east coast at the turn of the century. The name just seemed to fit, considering all the classic things we carry. The inspiration for the store came from my mother. She raised me to appreciate fine things and I guess it stuck.


Haven & Co.crystalWhat items do you stock and how do you source them?
Being a lifestyle store, we carry a wide range of all the top lines of luxury accessories for self and home. You could come in and spoil yourself with a gorgeous pearl necklace and also pick up a hostess gift for that night’s dinner party. Some of our most popular lines are Juliska, Michaeal Aram, William Yeoward, and Vietri. Now that we have increased the store by picking up an additional thousand square feet of space, we are going to add more table top, furniture, and bedding. I think we are really going to blow our clients away with that section. As for sourcing, that is probably the most mind-racking part of my job. Here I have to strike a balance between the classics and cutting edge. When I bring in a new line, I’m always nervous about its reception. “Will they like it as much as I do?”

What are your favorite things in the store right now?
That is a really hard question. It is like choosing a favorite child or pet. I love everything in the store; we have tried really hard to have something for everybody, whether it is the hottest new candle or a very chic lamp you just noticed in a hotel you just visited. Our store is in constant evolution. Sure you will always find the classics, but we are always changing – as my husband reminds me, “Your store is like a good bottle of red, it’s always evolving, it’s alive.”

Haven&Co._platesDo you feature new as well as established designers?
Yes, that is one thing we are not shy about; if we see something new and daring we will bring it in. Usually not in large quantity at first, but enough that you can get a feel for it. It’s that balancing thing again. Our clients love the classics, but it is so rewarding to see them find something new, whether it is a new place setting or something as simple as an indulgent bathrobe.

Do you offer design services too?
Absolutely! We are already booked to decorate six residences this holiday season. It’s really fun to watch our clients come in and see our displays. That’s one thing we really take pride in. I love all the different seasons. It gets my creative side flowing.

Why open a store in Brentwood, and what are your favorite places or things to do in the neighborhood?
Opening a store in Brentwood was a natural for me. I was born and raised here. We are so fortunate to live in this very special place. To be able to park your car in one place and do all your shopping is quite a rarity these days. I think that is one of the many draws to our store. The ability to just pull into our driveway and park yourself in our huge open parking lot behind our store is so convenient for everybody and if your arms are already full, no worries, our staff will happily carry out your packages and place them in the car for you. As for favorite places in the neighborhood, there are so many. San Vicente has really become the heart of Brentwood. I am up and down the street all week long, the other stores and dining have become so good, there is really no reason to go anywhere else.

Haven & Co.
11965 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049
Phone: (310) 476-3060

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