Happy Hour | Kristen Williams, Sexy Sommelier

Happy Hour | Kristen Williams, Sexy Sommelier

Kristen WilliamsWho: Kristen Williams, the Sexy Sommelier and member of the Dating Naked cast on VH1. The Sexy Sommelier is a website and video log on everything about wine. Making wine super simple for everyone! I want to be the “Rachel Ray” of wine to make wine simple for everyone. No stuck up snobbishness here. You can find tips on pairing wine with food, date night ideas, great wine bars around town, reviews on different wines and fun facts about wine I like to call “Corkers”.

Why a sommelier? I’ve always had a passion for wine. I really wanted to know more about wine, what food it pairs well with and basically be able to explain what I liked about each wine. I received my sommelier license from The United States Sommelier Association after attending their school and passing the national exam.

Favorite places to get wine LA: Some of my favorite places for wine are Heritage Wine bar in Beverly Hills (all French wines), V Wine bar in West Hollywood (boutique California wines), Four Seasons Windows Lounge and AOC on 3rd St in West Hollywood (great wine list and food)

Favorite food to pair with your favorite wine: I love a good juicy steak! Especially a bone in filet mignon with a nice Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon

Favorite dessert with an after dinner wine: Creme brûlée with a chilled glass of Sauternes, a sweet white wine from Bordeaux but not as sweet as some California wines, or anything chocolate goes well with a tawny port!

Favorite place to buy wine: One of my favorite place to buy wine is Wally’s Wine & Spirits on Westwood Blvd. wallywine.com  Wally’s has a huge selection of wines. They have tastings every Saturday, wine dinners and they hold special champagne tasting events!

Most quirky talent: I have my own Laguiole Champagne saber and really enjoy chopping the tops off of champagne bottles! The idea of using a sword to open a bottle of champagne came from the Napoleonic era. As the story goes Napoleon believed one should never go without champagne. If a bottle could not be opened, he would order one of his soldiers to use the blunt edge of their sword to cut off the top of the bottle, hence the art of sabering!

SchugWine Selection: Schug Carneros Estate Winery produces some of the best Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays – the cool, marine climate makes a perfect area to grow the delicate Pinot Noir grapes. The 2011 is a “Global Pinot Noir Masters” winner. Bright, ruby color with rich spiced berries, ripe cherry, cranberry, a little smokey, a little peppery with some nice earth notes make this a very well balanced pinot! Great to pair with grilled fish, chicken or barbecued meats. $20-30 a bottle. schugwinery.com



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