Fruits of Labor – Donate Surplus Fruit from Your Garden

Fruits of Labor – Donate Surplus Fruit from Your Garden

apple pickingHere’s a great idea.

Why doesn’t someone come along and pick the excess lemons, oranges and other fruit in our garden, and take it away to the foodbanks and people who actually need them? Well, Food Forward does exactly that. Do you have a hundred oranges on your tree and twenty of them splat to the ground every day, making your lawn look like Cheetos eating birds have made their home there? Call Food Forward. Not only will they eliminate the task of cleaning away the debris but you also have the satisfaction of knowing that someone else is enjoying those lovely citrus fruit.

“If you have an abundance of anything, you share it”, as one volunteer puts it eloquently.

Food Forward volunteers also ‘glean’ produce from Farmers Markets. Rather than take the leftover produce back, the farms donate the excess to them. Sign up as a volunteer through their website and you can participate at the Santa Monica Farmers Market gleaning next week.

They also organize team building days for companies like Google and NBC where they supply all the equipment – baskets, ladders and such – give you instruction and then let you pick to your heart’s content. Building morale and character all the while, naturally. You even have the option to ride with them afterwards to the foodbank, to see the citrus-starved folk enjoy the fruits of your labor, as it were.

All these good natured company events currently take place in Ventura or some far off farm so the good folk at Food Forward are looking for homes with large orchards in the Brentwood neighborhood to volunteer to help them out.

They deliver food to about 40,000 people a month and the weight of the food they have harvested since inception in 2009, is now about 1,592,000 lbs. Please give them a call if you have a property you can volunteer or if you want to be a picker yourself – it really is for a good cause.   
T: 310 207-0927

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