DIY Crayons | Tanya Memme

DIY Crayons | Tanya Memme

Tanya MemmeDon’t throw away all of those old broken crayons! Make them into fun shapes and letters for the kids!

You can make them into letters, stars, hearts trees or anything you want! These are great for birthday parties, valentines day, christmas or any occasion since they can be made into themed shapes! Kids love them and they save mom a few extra bucks too!



cutting board


large bowl

baking sheet


silicon molds

*Gather up all of the broken old crayons you have laying around the house and peel off all of the paper on the crayons.

*Lay them on the cutting board and chop into small pieces. (the smaller the better) Then place them in the bowl and have the kids stir them up and mix all of the colors up!

*Have the kids place them into the silicon molds and make sure they are filled to the top. You can buy silicon molds at any craft store in the baking section, or you can order them off of the internet.

*Place the filled silicon mold on a baking sheet so it lats flat.

*Then place in the oven at 250 degrees for 10 – 15 minutes or until melted. Once melted, let them cool for at least 40 mins so they harden and are completely cold to the touch so the kids don’t burn themselves.

*Pop them out of the molds and you’re done!

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