Dani Behr | A Talented Realtor

Dani Behr | A Talented Realtor

Scene: PACIFIC PALISADES – Dani Behr with Janine Stange.

Dani Behr is in the midst of her second career, although it really is her first working path reinvented. Her father had a real estate company and her mother was an interior designer.

“I  saved my money from working since age 11, and when I was 16, I put it as a down payment on a house. That was the stepping stone to my interest in real estate”, she said.

Her early years were a fascinating blend of acting and performing, enough to make any adult envious, let alone a child. At an early age, she joined The Sylvia Young Theatre School in the UK, and her career in the world of entertainment began, changing her life forever. From the age of 13 she was acting in commercials, TV dramas and films. Her first job was a Pepsi commercial with Whitney Houston.

At just 14 yrs of age, a music producer picked Dani out to be in his new all-girl band, Faith, Hope and Charity. She signed a recording contract with WEA and manager Tom Watkins (of the Pet Shop Boys fame), and spent the next two years recording an album in studios with George Michael and Technotronic, shooting videos in Paris and hanging out with Prince and Madonna.

When a second album failed to materialize, she auditioned, and was chosen from thousands of hopefuls to host what became one of the highest rated late night shows on British TV, The Word. The show gained cult status, as did Dani, and it made her into an overnight star – one of the youngest hosts on television.

Her deep, sultry, instantly recognizable voice has been in constant demand for over 24 years and a staple in the voiceover world. She has recorded TV and Radio commercials for thousands of clients – animation, movie trailers, video games and not forgetting the voice of the Virgin Atlantic Airways pre-flight videos, for nearly a decade. Her voice was a tremendous attraction for radio, and she was a natural host for a daily 4 hour live radio show on Kiss FM in the UK – her favorite job, as she fondly recalls.

Always keeping one acting foot in the door, she has appeared in a selection of roles over the years. She has taken to the stage for Cameron Mackintosh in Moby Dick, appeared in The Vagina Monologues at The Old Vic in London, with Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet and Melanie Griffith. And again, at Madison Square Gardens with Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda and Glenn Close. She was featured in various roles in TV sitcoms and British movies, including Rancid Aluminium with Joseph Fiennes and Rhys Ifans, Goodbye Charlie Bright with Paul Nicholls and Like It Is alongside Roger Daltrey.

In 2001, after spending more than half of her time in LA, she decided to move here permanently. She was seen as a regular host on Extra for NBC, hosted Boy Meets Boy for Bravo/NBC, Littlest Groom for FOX , Paris Fashion Couture and Rio Carnival for ABC.

Dani is a contributing host at FOX SPORTS and is always working on developing new television shows to produce.

Dani’s first love, and favorite hobby, has come full circle and alongside her TV and voiceover work, she is also currently a real estate agent, partnering with legendary Pacific Palisades broker, Anthony Marguleas at Amalfi Estates. Behr specializes in high-end luxury homes in the Los Angeles area Westside.

“I have been out in LA for 16 years. The biggest difference between London and LA is the attitude of people, everyone in LA is more positive, friendly and there is a “can do” attitude which I love. What I also love about America is that you can reinvent yourself.” says Dani.

And she has done precisely that.



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