Coral Tree Cafe

Coral Tree Cafe

Coraltreecafe2Coral Tree Café is part of the Brentwood fabric, having been in the neighborhood since 2002. It was named after the landmark coral trees that line San Vicente Blvd and true to the name, the owners were the first to donate funds for the upkeep of the trees. Surviving a kitchen fire in 2008, the cafe has risen from the ashes to become the go to place for breakfasts at the weekend, business lunches and casual dinners for the local apartment dwellers.

The outdoor patio is great for hanging out, the firepit being the most sought after spot on cooler nights.

Healthy food choices are plentiful, the signature panini being a favorite and daily specials are reasonably priced too.

The restaurant recently received its green certification, which means it not only prepares sustainable, organic food sourced from local farms, but all the behind the scenes management and organization follows an environmentally friendly standard too – in the form of recycling, non use of harmful chemicals and the use of natural products wherever possible.

The order at the counter, take a number system which has become the norm in an increasing number of places, works extremely well. It also allows for a more casual dining experience if you’re not inclined to wanting constant attention – but the staff are attentive if you need anything.

Vegan friendly items are not plentiful but they do exist in the form of the vegetable soup, salad and wrap. Substitutions for gluten free bread are available in most cases too.

All of the coffees are certified organic, shade grown and fairly traded. Coral Tree Café coffee comes from coffee beans that have been grown under a canopy of shade trees, which serves as a natural sun screen and provides a safe and natural habitat for migratory birds and other species. “Fair trade” provides an alternative trade model that keeps small farmers in business by guaranteeing them a fair price for their coffee.

CoraltreecafeChef Gillard’s inspiration is a simple, classic technique, centering on seasonal produce from farmers’ markets. Summer fare is still in season for about two more months but in Fall, they will be featuring items such as brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.

11645 San Vicente Blvd, CA 90049
T:(310) 979-8733
Hours: 7am–11pm

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