Blood, Sweat and Detox

Blood, Sweat and Detox

Christine Khuri’s Blood, Sweat & Detox program is a personalized, hormonal fitness plan built around her client’s specific needs and blood panel by their doctor. Christine works with women (and men) heading into their 40s and 50s who want to look and feel young and fit regardless of their bodies’ changes. This can be difficult for many people struggling to come to terms with aging.

Women first starting menopause usually have two problems: First, they experience weight gain, loss of libido, brain fog and extremely low energy. These are signs that your hormones may be off. In this case, no amount of exercise or diet fads will work. Second, women begin to see a loss of muscle. This is usually because they start doing excessive cardio to offset the weight gain from hormonal changes. Resistance training and hard work in the gym become vital as low intensity will not give you the results you are looking for.

The hormonal panel is crucial to treat the underlying cause of fatigue and weight gain.  High cortisol and low thyroid are the most common conditions seen with women over the age of 40.  If these are off, it doesn’t matter what is done… you will not lose weight. Christine’s Blood, Sweat & Detox program combines hormonal balance and fitness to have a healthy body, mind and spirit.


1. BLOOD: Consult and go over blood work with your doctor or my recommended doctor, depending on every client’s preference.Once your test results are back, it’s time to determine treatment protocol.

2. SWEAT: Revamp your fitness routine. Excessive cardio is not the answer to your problems! Too much cardio and over eating raises cortisol, worsening the problems. I work with you to create a workout plan prone to building muscle and reducing flab. I teach a unique blend of strong and supple resistance work. We go heavy and high intensity then balance it out with sleeker sculpting move to get a strong, yet lean look. We use the Pilates reformer and ballet moves as well as stronger cross training moves with weights and kettle bells. We also blend in 15 minutes of yoga into the session and a short meditation.The cardio will be based on the lab results and   weight loss goals. The result is a balanced mind, body & spirit.

3. DETOX: You are put on a 14 or 21-day elimination detox. Clients detox on an anti-inflammatory diet for a period of time, then we add the foods back in and see if they cause a retain such as bloating, gas, rashes, constipation or lethargy. Everyone’s diet will be different based on their bodily reaction.


A monthly Happy Hour at the Montage in Beverly Hills. Christine and her colleague Gabrielle Taylor, who is a life coach, get women together for cocktails at The Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.  Christine gives a talk on some form of health, like belly fat or different types of diets. It’s a fun, casual atmosphere where women can dress up, mingle, have a glass of wine, and learn important fitness tips. For information on the next meeting, follow Christine on Twitter @christinefitness or email her at

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