Cosmic Body | Super Trainer, Adam Rosante

Adam Rosante

Cosmic Body | Super Trainer, Adam Rosante

Always in motion, Adam Rosante is the ambassador for Target’s C9 athletic apparel, and runs People’s Bootcamp in New York. Whitney English caught up with him on his whistlestop tour of LA to promote Cosmobody, the new fitness subscription network.

Adam Rosante and Whitney EnglishHow did you start to get interested in Fitness?
When I was 13, I wanted to look like Marky Mark. By 9th Grade I was studying fitness, nutrition and how the body works. I left college to work in television. One day a head executive asked me about diet, which led to fitness tips and then ‘I’m getting married in 3 months, will you train me?’ Over the years I got certification and 2 years ago I started People’s Bootcamp.

Is it really the hardest workout in New York?
Yes it’s intense but it’s also the most accessible, because you need nothing more than your own body to do it. It’s about 20 minutes. Super short – but at the end of it you are torched, metabolism thrown to the ceiling – for the next 38 hours, every single muscle screaming. I call it the detox before the retox. When you work out at that capacity it totally rewires your mind and you realize – if I could do this, what else can I do? And you start to explore other areas of your life. There are people who have totally transformed their bodies in only 6 weeks but it’s the stories about how they transformed their lives by doing nothing more than working out, that I found inspiring. That’s what I’m trying to bake into my involvement with Cosmobody.

What is Cosmobody?
It’s a mixture of programs from 8 different trainers and each trainer is very different. I would argue that we are all the best at what we do. It’s a next generation TV network. Netflix for fitness. A subscription, on demand programming that puts control in the user’s hands, whenever they want and on any device. We are all offering up things which took us years to perfect in just a few simple  actionable steps. There are total workouts, programs and quickfire workouts. I do a series of 60 second workouts which you can do on their own or repeat, or you can make your own fitness playlist. Half the time I’m working out, I’m talking about things that inspired me in my life and letting that anchor a sense of self development – so you walk away, not only with a booty carved of stone but you feel empowered to actually tackle your biggest goals. There’s also some lifestyle programming, how to make healthy(ish) cocktails and cooking segments.

Adam Rosante-Cosmobody
What kind of support is there?

When I film, I tag the end of my workouts with ‘This does not end here’ because I want the Cosmo woman watching to feel like I have her back 24 hrs a day. It’s not just this workout and I’m on to my next client. They can contact me through social media. All of the trainers are experts in our field so we are mindful to ensure that the woman at home doing the workout is safe. Im not in the room with you so I can’t say ‘you need to turn your toes out a bit more’, or ‘sit back onto your hips’ but I’m very direct with that. You feel like I’m there with you. If we are doing a squat jump, for instance, I will explain the form at the top of the move and remind you of very specific cues – lift your chest. When somebody is doing a squat one of the first things that’s going to happen is they will collapse their knees or round their upper back. So I tell them to keep their knees in line with their toes, lift their chest. It comes from experience.

What should be a normal diet?
bAdopt a simple lifestyle of whole clean foods, single word ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. Eat 5 times a day – that’s the best way to strip out fat and feel like a billion dollars. You want a cookie, fries? Have them, enjoy yourself. If you have a specific goal you may have to refine but with most people, I feel their general goal is they want to look good naked. And for that you don’t need to restrict yourself. Just be mindful. Look at your life as if it is chess, not checkers. Think ten moves ahead and then pursue that.

Can you suggest a simple healthy swap I can make right away? Swap all of your sugar beverages for clean water, flavored with fruit. Whatever taste you like. That will take a decent amount of sugar right out of your diet. Substitute pasta one night for a zucchini pasta, which you can make yourself. Just julienne it.

The 30 second body? It’s not a gimmick.You work out for 30-second intervals. I stack them so you might do 4 different moves back to back for 30 seconds apiece no rest, and then you get 30 seconds rest and off you go again. It’s about 5 minutes in total but you are moving like a silver bullet the entire time. My workouts for Cosmobody are really accessible and focused in terms of time because that’s the number one thing I hear. I don’t have time to work out. We do challenges, very specific structured plug and play programs. e.g. get a wedding body, an upcoming vacation

You don’t have to wake up early, look good, get in your car and go to the gym?
Absolutely. If all you have to do is roll into the living room, turn on your TV or turn on your laptop before your mind is saying you don’t want to do this, you’re way ahead of the game.

What’s the ‘secret’ to a great body?
The secret is consistency.It matters less what you do than the regularity. And that’s true in all things. I’m in shape because I carve out the time to workout 5 days a week. I don’t prescribe working out 7 days. 5 days is perfect – 3 days on, 1 day off , 2 days on, 1 day off. Enough time for the body to rest and repair itself. One thing to always remember when you’re working out, is that you’re not actually building muscle – you’re tearing it down. The growth happens in the periods of rest, when your body has time to grow strong.

And apart from Cosmobody, what else are you doing?
I train people privately on occasion. I am very structured with my time. I shoot with Cosmo twice a month. Target, Peoples Bootcamp. I also do a lot of speaking engagements. I design workouts for magazines. I’ll be in Cosmo in September. I’m also doing an event with Dell In September. Opportunities come about organically.

I’m contented.  

Whitney EnglishAbout the author: Whitney English is a Hollywood reporter. She has worked at E! Entertainment, MSN and Whitney co-hosts the Google+ cooking show The Fit & Funny Foodies for Fit Approach.

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