A Gentleman’s Guide to a First Date

A Gentleman’s Guide to a First Date

A first date is a fantastic opportunity for a gentleman to make a great first impression. Most woman take time to prepare for a first date to look their best. Men should do the same. Your self presentation – which includes grooming, etiquette, clothing, clean car and house, are all important to making a great impression on your first date. Attention to these details shows overall respect for yourself and for your date.

I’ll start with what I consider to be as important as your personal grooming; your dating etiquette. I believe a gentleman should call a gal to ask her out on the first date, instead of texting her. This, to me, shows your interest and plain, old-fashioned chivalry. Don’t hide behind texts. It’s a good idea to confirm your reservation the morning of the date. This will avoid the embarrassment of getting to a restaurant and having to wait for a table, or worse, being turned away! I think it’s a nice touch to call your date and confirm with her as well. It goes without saying that you should go up to her door when you pick her up. Always open doors and pull out chairs. Most importantly, be on time!

Something I think that’s easily overlooked on the day of your date…a clean car. You may look and smell amazing for your date, but when you pick her up if your car is a mess, you’ve just shot yourself in the proverbial foot. Messy car=messy guy. And if your first date goes very well, and she comes back to your place, you better have cleaned your bathroom and changed your sheets.

Gentlemen, on the day of your first date it’s a great idea to get in a good workout. It helps to reduce first date jitters, as well as giving you an energy boost. A workout hours before your date will also give you a bit more muscular definition. Curls for the girls is never a bad thing!

shavingLet’s turn our attention to grooming. Start from the top and work your way down. If you need a haircut, get one! Before you jump in the shower, make sure to trim all unwanted or unsightly hair from your ears, nose, neck, and eyebrows. If you have a beard, make sure to line it up and trim it. If you shave, make sure to shave before your date. Clip and clean your fingernails.

The way a man smells has been proven to be an aphrodisiac to women. If he smells good that is. Shower with a light, clean scented soap an hour before your big date. By all means use deodorant. Apply your cologne before you dress, as it can stain your clothes. Remember not to overdo it.

Dress up for your first date. This shows respect for the woman you’re taking out. Why wouldn’t you want to look your best? I’m sure she will. Make sure to iron the shirt you’ve chosen to wear. And, a detail easily overlooked, shine your shoes.

This may be THE most important dating tip. If your first date includes a meal, please take along gum or mints. Having fresh breath throughout the entire date is extremely important. Drink a lot of water during the date as well. Keeping your mouth hydrated helps to ensure fresh breath.

Finally, keep the conversation light, and above all else – enjoy yourselves!

Michelle HarveyAbout the Author: Michelle Harvey is a men’s grooming and style expert. She is the go-to gal for men’s grooming tips, style, lifestyle and dating advice. 


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